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Egypt, History Nasser, Gamal Abdel


Egypt's Intellectuals Rediscover NasserEgypt's Intellectuals Rediscover Nasser - Article by Richard Jacquemond in Le Monde diplomatique, July 1997. Gamal Abdel-NasserGamal Abdel-Nasser - Contains a brief biography, photo album, voice and movie clips, poems about Nasser, and other materials.
Gamal Abdul-NasserGamal Abdul-Nasser - Article on the Egyptian president's life and career; from Encyclopaedia of the Orient. Nasser and Arab UnityNasser and Arab Unity - A brief introduction to the Egyptian president and his role as a leader in uniting Arab-speaking peoples.
Nasser Comes to Power in Egypt, Frightening Britain, France, and IsraelNasser Comes to Power in Egypt, Frightening Britain, France, and Israel - Article by Donald Neff, in Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, July 1996. Nasser Photo Album.Nasser Photo Album. - Images taken throughout the Egyptian president's life.
Nasserist Rule (1956-1970)Nasserist Rule (1956-1970) - Summary and evaluation of Gamal Abdel Nasser's term of office as president of Egypt; from ArabNet. Sheik Hassan MaamounSheik Hassan Maamoun - This biography of Sheik Hassan Maamoun, who was appointed as the Mufti of Al Azhar (1963-1969) by Egyptian President Gamal Abd Al Naser, contains information on that appointment and a photograph of President Naser and Sheik Maamoun.


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