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Ancient Egyptian ReligionAncient Egyptian Religion - An exhibit in the MSU I-Museum which has information on the religion of ancient Egypt, including information on Egyptian gods, theology, astrology and the priest caste. The Egyptian Culture Reflected in WorshipThe Egyptian Culture Reflected in Worship - Essay by Deborah Howard at Exploring Ancient World Cultures which traces the relationship between Egyptian worship rituals and the culture of ancient Egypt.
Per Aset - Domain of AsetPer Aset - Domain of Aset - - Includes an introduction, with religious and historical texts. Religion of Ancient EgyptReligion of Ancient Egypt - Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Religion including mummification, temples, Gods and Goddesses, and creation myths.
Walk Like An EgyptianWalk Like An Egyptian - FAQ and glossary from Ramona Louise Wheeler, author of a guide to the religion and philosophy of Ancient Egypt under this title.


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