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Egypt, History By Time Period Mathematics


Ancient Egyptian MathematicsAncient Egyptian Mathematics - Some comments on Egyptian mathematics and the Rhind papyrus. Egyptian FractionsEgyptian Fractions - Egyptian mathematical fractions, including algorithms, transcriptions of network conversations, and links to other Egyptian mathematical resources.
Egyptian FractionsEgyptian Fractions - Article from MathWorld describing unit fraction methods. Egyptian MathEgyptian Math - Brief information on the decimal system using seven different symbols.
Egyptian MathematicsEgyptian Mathematics - An overview of mathematics in Ancient Egypt. Includes descriptions of the numerals used and of some major papyri. Egyptian Unit FractionsEgyptian Unit Fractions - Articles concerning the mathematics of Ancient Egypt, from "MathPages."
Foundation MetrologyFoundation Metrology - New investigations into the earliest Egyptian measuring systems. The Pythagorean TheoremThe Pythagorean Theorem - Theory that the Pythagorean theorem was developed in Egypt
The ShadowchasersThe Shadowchasers - Information and theories on numbers, mathematics and scientific tools.


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