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MSN Learning & Research Plus: Suez CanalMSN Learning & Research Plus: Suez Canal - Three photos, a dynamic map, and authoritative article (Introduction, Physical Description, and History) on the Canal -- with links to key names, placenames, and events; from Encarta. Operation Musketeer: Duel for the Suez CanalOperation Musketeer: Duel for the Suez Canal - Three-part scholarly recounting and analysis of the Suez Crisis (1956), by Wilfred P. Deac, in Military History Magazine (from
Story of the Suez CanalStory of the Suez Canal - Reprint from: All the Year Round, January 8, 1876; from Islamic History Sourcebook, Fordham University. Suez CanalSuez Canal - Description and history of the Suez Canal; from
Suez CanalSuez Canal - Brief description and key-dates history of the artificial waterway, with several links; from Encyclopaedia of the Orient. Suez Canal Honoured as an International LandmarkSuez Canal Honoured as an International Landmark - Report dated June 04, 2003, announces that the International Association for Civil Engineers has designated the Suez Canal as a landmark in the history of world civil engineering.
Wikipedia: Suez CanalWikipedia: Suez Canal - Illustrated article including history, current day, and related links.


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