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Egypt, Home Cooking Recipe Collections


Ancient Egyptian RecipesAncient Egyptian Recipes - Recipes for Egyptian rice, Asbusa (a dessert), Bamia (okra and meat stew), and Egyptian marinade for chicken . Egypt - Egyptian RecipesEgypt - Egyptian Recipes - - Collection of some ten recipes, organised by course, at World Recipes.
Egyptian RecipesEgyptian Recipes - Three recipes from RecipeSource. Egyptian RecipesEgyptian Recipes - Collection of recipes of this country, including Mossaqa, Basbusa, and Kosheri.
Egyptian Recipes of All VarietiesEgyptian Recipes of All Varieties - Three recipes from Egypt: Bamia (Beef & Okra Casserole), Hamam Mahshi (Corn-Stuffed Pigeon) and Shurit Ads (Lentil & Garlic Soup). International Recipes: EgyptInternational Recipes: Egypt - Kosheri lentils and rice with a tangy tomato sauce, lemon and garlic potato salad, spinach with dill and Warah Enab (stuffed grape leaves) are the five recipes presented.
The Ministry of Tourism's Egyptian Recipe IndexThe Ministry of Tourism's Egyptian Recipe Index - Collection of Egyptian recipes including dishes such as: Bamya, kofta, basbusa, swarma, and kishk. Tasty Vegetarian Recipes from EgyptTasty Vegetarian Recipes from Egypt - The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) a non-profit organization provides traditional Egyptian recipes.


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