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AchorisAchoris - A biography of Maatchnumra Setepemchnum Hakor, pharaoh of the twenty-ninth, Mendesian dynasty (392/391-379). Ancient Egypt - History and ChronologyAncient Egypt - History and Chronology - - Detailed information on the rulers, their names, history, genealogy and monuments.
The Blood of RaThe Blood of Ra - Overview of royal bloodline, has information on some powerful women. Early Dynastic EgyptEarly Dynastic Egypt - Francesco Raffaele presents an illustrated history of the second and third dynasties, king by king, with references. Also corpora of First Dynasty labels and Early Dynastic inscriptions, and articles.
Egyptian Kings (Pharaohs)Egyptian Kings (Pharaohs) - Egyptian pharaohs, kings and rulers from predynastic times through Roman Rule. A list, with biographies of selected pharaohs, from Tour Egypt. History of Ancient EgyptHistory of Ancient Egypt - Information about rulers and dynasties.
HoremhebHoremheb - An article on the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt's 18th Dynasty from 1321 B.C. to early 1292 B.C. KhufuKhufu - An article of a pharaoh, known as Cheops, of Ancient Egypt's Old Kingdom and builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Kings and Queens - List of DynastiesKings and Queens - List of Dynasties - - The leaders of the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms. Medicine - Smith Papyrus and Ebers PapyrusMedicine - Smith Papyrus and Ebers Papyrus - - The practices of physicians ranging from embalming to faith healing to surgery and autopsy.
MerenptahMerenptah - A pharaoh of Ancient Egypt (1213 €“ 1203 BC), the fourth ruler of the 19th Dynasty. MosesMoses - Known facts and images of this Biblical figure.
The Narmer Palette - The Victorious King of the SouthThe Narmer Palette - The Victorious King of the South - - Explanation and drawings of the reverse and obverse sides. Pharaoh AkhenatenPharaoh Akhenaten - Information on the life, family, vision, and after the death of the pharaoh, including images and maps.
Pharaoh Maatkare HatshepsutPharaoh Maatkare Hatshepsut - A biographical sketch with images. Pharaohs of Ancient EgyptPharaohs of Ancient Egypt - Biographies of famous Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt: Akhenaten, Amenhotep III, Cleopatra, Hatshepsut, Khufu, and Tutankhamun.
Queen Hatshepsut's Expedition to the Land of Punt - The First Oceanographic Cruise?Queen Hatshepsut's Expedition to the Land of Punt - The First Oceanographic Cruise? - - Essay. The Revision of ChronologyThe Revision of Chronology - A chapter from W. M. Flinders Petrie's "Researches in Sinai" in which he attempts to date the Egyptian dynasties.


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