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Al-Ahram: Egypt's AlmanacAl-Ahram: Egypt's Almanac - Dr. Yunan Labib Rizk (professor of history and head of Al-Ahram History Studies Centre) examines Al-Ahram's "News and Events" page during the 1920's and finds that it was indeed a record of the most important daily occurrences in Egypt; includes clear black-and-white photographs of King Fouad, Saad Zaghlul, Munira Thabet, and Moustafa El-Maraghy; from Al-Ahram Weekly Online (Issue No. 539). Alamein, ElAlamein, El - A very brief summary of the 1942 battle (named for the town in northern Egypt, on the Mediterranean Sea), a decisive British victory in World War II; from
Al-Azhar - HistoryAl-Azhar - History - - History page of the official Al-Azhar Website. Alexandria Library, a True Successor of its Ancient NamesakeAlexandria Library, a True Successor of its Ancient Namesake - Essay by Mohamed Sid-Ahmed, who discusses conditions necessary for the Alexandria Library to be a worthy successor to its ancient namesake; from
Americans in the Egyptian ArmyAmericans in the Egyptian Army - Recounts how 50 Americans (mostly Civil War veterans) donned the uniform of Egypt in the service of Khedive Ismail. Antiquities Wish ListAntiquities Wish List - Report that Zahi Hawass, secretary-general of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), has formally requested that UNESCO assist in the return of five key items of Egypt's cultural heritage: the Rosetta Stone (in the British Museum, London), the bust of Nefertiti (in the Egyptian Museum, Berlin), the statue of Great Pyramid architect Hemiunnu (in the Roemer-Pelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim, Germany), the Dendara Temple Zodiac (in the Louvre, Paris), and the bust of Khafre pyramid builder Ankhaf (in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston); from Al-Ahram Weekly Online (Issue No. 751, 14-20 July 2005).
ArabDataNet - Country Information on EgyptArabDataNet - Country Information on Egypt - - Offers a focused gateway to information on Egypt; the Country Profile, US-Egypt trade statistics, and Articles (09/09/1994 to present) provide reliable and useful data relative to recent history. Cairo History GuideCairo History Guide - Chronicles the history of the Cairo area from 3500 BCE to the present in ten scholarly but readable essays; by Alaa K. Ashmawy, University of Southern Florida.
Camp David Accords -- Framework for PeaceCamp David Accords -- Framework for Peace - A survey of the 1978 Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel, with sections: Prelude, Preparations, Negotiations, and Legacy; from the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. Carlo Vidua and the Travellers of 1800 in EgyptCarlo Vidua and the Travellers of 1800 in Egypt - An exhibit of writings, and names of travellers, engraved on monuments in Egypt.
Chronology of Attacks on Tourist Targets in EgyptChronology of Attacks on Tourist Targets in Egypt - Lists and describes recorded instances of terrorist activity against tourists of any nationality in Egypt since 1992. CIA - The World Factbook: EgyptCIA - The World Factbook: Egypt - - This periodically updated country study provides current, detailed, background information for research on contemporary Egypt and its history -- Geography, People, Government, Economy, Communications, Transportation, Military, and Transnational Issues; from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Factbook.
Climate Threatens Egypt's TreasuresClimate Threatens Egypt's Treasures - Examines the problem of higher humidity in the Nile River Valley, and its effects on ancient objects and buildings; by Malcolm Billings, BBC News. Color Me Egypt:Color Me Egypt: - Egyptian history written for kids, a coloring book, and a coloring contest.
Construction Begins on UCLA Encyclopedia of EgyptologyConstruction Begins on UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology - Egyptologists and University of California, Los Angeles technology centers have begun compiling a new online history of Egypt from 3500 BC to AD 400, to include 4,000 entries of original content and be available in English, German, French, and Arabic; by Angilee Shah for the UCLA International Institute. Country Studies - EgyptCountry Studies - Egypt - - Among the numerous topics covering all aspects of Egypt as a nation, are over 40 essays on the various historical periods from ancient times to the present.
David Roberts Gallery of 19th Century LithographsDavid Roberts Gallery of 19th Century Lithographs - All 124 Egypt pictures -- architecture, monuments, people, and scenic views -- of Egypt in the 19th century by Scottish artist David Roberts R.A. (1796-1864). Declaration Between the United Kingdom and France Respecting Egypt and Morocco, Together with the Secret Articles Signed at theDeclaration Between the United Kingdom and France Respecting Egypt and Morocco, Together with the Secret Articles Signed at the - Text of these documents, signed in London on 8 April 1904; from Don Mabry's Historical Text Archive.
Description de l'EgypteDescription de l'Egypte - Online exhibit showcasing this monumental publication which documented the Napoleonic expedition of 1798; from the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. Digital Egypt for UniversitiesDigital Egypt for Universities - This "learning and teaching resource for higher education" contains information on all aspects of Egyptian history, society, and culture from 4000 BC to the present; from University College London.
An Early Traveller in EgyptAn Early Traveller in Egypt - Brief excerpts and three illustrations from Charles Dana Gibson's account published in McClure's Magazine under the title "Sketches in Egypt" (1898); from - Cairo's Recollections - Cairo's Recollections Online - - Samir Raafat offers a variety of articles, photos, and references dealing with 19th and 20th century aspects of Cairo, Egypt's 1000-year-old capital -- its architecture, landmarks, character, people and problems.
Egypt: 1952-1956Egypt: 1952-1956 - A collection of uncaptioned black-and-white photographs taken in Egypt by Don H. Church during the 1950s. Egypt:  A Brief HistoryEgypt: A Brief History - A concise illustrated history of Egypt from earliest times to the present day; by Ami Isseroff, at MidEast Web.
Egypt - A Country StudyEgypt - A Country Study - - Contains a country profile (geography, society, economy, government and politics, etc.); a concise, but comprehensive, summary of Egyptian history, from predynastic antiquity to President Mubarak; and tables, bibliography, and glossary; from the Library of Congress. Egypt:  Ancient Culture and TechnologyEgypt: Ancient Culture and Technology - Authoritatively examines, via an Overview (history) and two essays (Culture and Technology), most aspects of life in ancient Egypt, from prehistory to the arts and writing and from architecture and buildings to public works; from the University of Colorado at Denver.
Egypt:  Fayum ProjectEgypt: Fayum Project - Describes the research in Egypt of Dr. Elwyn L. Simons on early anthropoids and other vertebrates; from Duke University Primate Center. Egypt - HistoryEgypt - History - - Brief, but authoritative, history of Egypt, from the Old Kingdom to the present.
Egypt - HistoryEgypt - History - - From Egypt State Information Service; nine essays on the major eras in Egyptian history, plus links to information on Egypt's Land & People, Culture & Arts, Economy, Politics, Society, Tourism, and Women. Egypt: A TravelogueEgypt: A Travelogue - A photo essay, with explanatory text, of contemporary life in rural and urban Egypt: Land and People, the Nile; Aswan, the Dam, Lake Nasser, and Abu Simbel; Giza, the Pyramids, and Sphinx; and the Egyptian Museum. German text also available.


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