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Egypt, History By Time Period Ancient


Egypt AntiquitiesEgypt Antiquities - The Ministry of Tourism gives a history, monument guide, rulers, a who's who, mythology, a virtual museum, and illustrated essays on culture and people.

Abzu: EgyptAbzu: Egypt - Index of resources for the study of ancient Egypt by Charles E. Jones, The Research Archives of the Oriental Institute, Chicago.
Akhet EgyptologyAkhet Egyptology - Resources about the people and their culture, including a clickable mummy and original photography. The Akhet-Aten Home PageThe Akhet-Aten Home Page - Information resource on the Amarna Period.
Alexandrian ScholarshipAlexandrian Scholarship - Research on the Library of Alexandria, including map, history, operations, and organization. Amata's Egypt PageAmata's Egypt Page - Has information on mummification, religion, Egyptian gods.
Ancient EgyptAncient Egypt - Read about the pyramids, pharaohs, mummies, religion and art. Ancient EgyptAncient Egypt - Includes pictures, facts, and theories about the Egyptian civilization that lasted for over 4000 years.
Ancient EgyptAncient Egypt - The British Museum gives information on Egyptian life, gods and goddesses, mummification, rulers, pyramids, temples, time, trade, and writing, as well as games to play online. Ancient Egypt - The Eternal VoiceAncient Egypt - The Eternal Voice - - Provides information on the Predynastic Period, funerary practices, including the Ba-bird, mummies, the heart scarab, and other subjects.
Ancient Egypt and  EgyptiansAncient Egypt and Egyptians - Read articles about the Egyptian civilization, gods, poetry, and hieroglyphics. Includes related multimedia and clip art. Ancient Egypt by History Link 101Ancient Egypt by History Link 101 - Links to sites of art, biographies, daily life, maps, pictures and research on Ancient Egypt.
Ancient Egypt OnlineAncient Egypt Online - Resource featuring information on gods, monuments, hieroglyphs and kings. Ancient Egypt OnlineAncient Egypt Online - A general guide, topics include pharaohs, queens, gods, hieroglyphics, daily life and mummification.
Ancient Egypt Research AssociatesAncient Egypt Research Associates - The mission and people, projects, specialties, artifacts, and resources. Ancient Egyptian Alchemy and ScienceAncient Egyptian Alchemy and Science - The discussion of advanced scientific technologies, including images.
Ancient Egyptian ArtAncient Egyptian Art - Information on various pieces of art with images. Ancient Egyptian CultureAncient Egyptian Culture - An extensive and authoritative exhibit in the Minnesota State University-Mankato E-Museum containing images and text describing Daily Life, Art, Architecture, the Military, Religion, and other topics.
Ancient Egyptian HistoryAncient Egyptian History - Read about the periods, kingdoms and kings of ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptian SymbolsAncient Egyptian Symbols - Listing of characters and their meanings.
Ancient Egyptian TemplesAncient Egyptian Temples - A concise description of the houses of worship, including images, diagrams, and maps. Ancient Egyptian TextsAncient Egyptian Texts - Searchable versions of classical books.
The Ancient Egyptian Virtual TempleThe Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple - Computer-rendered walkthrough of the interior of an imaginary ancient Egyptian temple, designed by Christina Paul. Bibliography. AnkhAnkh - The origins and where found with images.
Anthony's Egyptology and ArchaeologyAnthony's Egyptology and Archaeology - Multimedia resource site: links, tourist information, forum, and timeline. Archaeological Discoveries in EgyptArchaeological Discoveries in Egypt - Newly discovered revelations.
Bahariya - Valley of the Golden MummiesBahariya - Valley of the Golden Mummies - - The story of a large archaeological discover of 2001 with photographs. Beauty and Fashion in Ancient EgyptBeauty and Fashion in Ancient Egypt - Article about beauty and women.
The Bibliography of Ancient EgyptThe Bibliography of Ancient Egypt - Categorized listing of books, cd-roms, videos, cds and audiobooks with much information, including ISBNs, publisher and reviews. Bir Umm FawakhirBir Umm Fawakhir - Insights into ancient gold mining community in the central Eastern Desert of Egypt.


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