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Blockbuster ScienceBlockbuster Science - From CBC News, disclosure reveals the truth behind the blockbuster documentary Nefertiti Resurrected. Questions how much was documentary and how much was drama. Nefertiti ResurrectedNefertiti Resurrected - From the Discovery Channel, report of the evidence for identifying an ancient Egyptian mummy as that of Nefertiti. Biography of the Queen, tour of pertinent tomb, scientific tests performed with results, and a reconstruction of the head of the mummy purported to be Nefertiti.
Spinning NefertitiSpinning Nefertiti - From Al-Ahram Weekly, a British Egyptologist who claims to have identified the mummy of the legendary Queen Nefertiti is accused of breaking the Supreme Council of Antiquities' protocol. (July 28, 2003) Nefertiti Always and ForeverNefertiti Always and Forever - From Al-Ahram Weekly, report on the claim that the mummy of ancient Egypt's Queen Nefertiti has been identified by Dr. Joanne Fletcher, from the University of York in England. (June 26, 2003)
Nefertiti Mummy: More Proof Needed?Nefertiti Mummy: More Proof Needed? - Egyptologists are heatedly debating the identity of a mummy thought to be that of the Queen Nefertiti. From The Egyptian Gazette (June 19, 2003). (June 19, 2003) Queen Nefertiti of EgyptQueen Nefertiti of Egypt - Jimmy Dunn traces Nefertiti's family line, personal life, relationship with Akhenaten and his new religion, her disappearance, and the recent controversies surrounding her; illustrated with color photographs and drawings.


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