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The Age of the Sphinx, by Robert BauvalThe Age of the Sphinx, by Robert Bauval - Startling news about the age of the Sphinx that could rewrite history The Celestial SphinxThe Celestial Sphinx - The recently rediscovered Constellation of The Celestial Sphinx, which dominated the skies in 14,000BC, is the blueprint for the Sphinx at Giza.
Enigma of the 'Lost' SphinxEnigma of the 'Lost' Sphinx - Controversy of the Great Sphinx (and the three Great Pyramids) at Giza. Who built the Sphinx? When? Why? Redating the Sphinx: The DebateRedating the Sphinx: The Debate - Provides arguments for and against an earlier date for the Sphinx.
Remnants of a Lost Civilization?Remnants of a Lost Civilization? - Zahi Hawass and Mark Lehner explain why they believe the Sphinx wasn't built between 5000 and 7000 BC, but much earlier, by a "mystery" civilization. Response to Giza: The TruthResponse to Giza: The Truth - Argues against the authors of the controversial "Giza: The Truth", by showing how the Sphinx could be extremely ancient


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