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The Architect's PlanThe Architect's Plan - Deriving the architect's plan of the interior of the Great Pyramid through a diagrammatic approach. Are Pyramids Made Out of Concrete?Are Pyramids Made Out of Concrete? - Research by Joseph Davidovits suggests that pyramids and temples were constructed using agglomerated limestone, rather than quarries, and hoisted blocks of natural limestone.
Cheops SecretCheops Secret - Khaled M. Taufik argues that the secret tomb chamber in the Pyramid of Cheops has yet to be found. Illustrated theory. Deep SecretsDeep Secrets - A new theory that uses diagrammatic geometry to reveal a possible connection between the Great Pyramid, the golden ratio and the ancient Egyptian Royal Cubit.
The Enterprise Mission - Great Pyramid TunnelingThe Enterprise Mission - Great Pyramid Tunneling - - Is a secret tunnel being excavated in the Great Pyramid? Part of Richard Hoagland's large site that also investigates Cydonia and the Miami Circle Giza Pyramids - The Vanishing PointGiza Pyramids - The Vanishing Point - - Article written by Stephen Goodfellow. Includes calculations, dimensions, coordinates, letters, and images.
Giza: The (Half) TruthGiza: The (Half) Truth - Debates between authors John Anthony West, Robert Schoch and Robert Bauval (for the "Lost Civilisation" theory), and Chris Ogilvie-Herald and Ian Lawton, the authors of "Giza: The Truth". Giza: The TruthGiza: The Truth - Reviews and comments on the book by Ian Lawton and Chris Olgivie-Herald which de-bunked many esoteric theories on the pyramids, with responses by the authors.
GizagridGizagrid - Article contends that the pyramids of Giza were positioned using a square root arrangement, within a phi defined underlying groundplan. Includes details of the Egyptian number system and the geometry of the Sun God. The Great PyramidThe Great Pyramid - Tries to explain the scientific, philosophical, and divine revelations of the Great Pyramid, as a biblical, chronological device.
Great Pyramid and Giza PlateauGreat Pyramid and Giza Plateau - A numerological analysis of the Great Pyramid and Giza Plateau. Great Pyramid of Giza Research AssociationGreat Pyramid of Giza Research Association - A popular approach to the topic, with amateur articles submitted by users and a picture tour. Embraces both mainstream news stories and amateur theories.
Great Pyramid Upper PassageGreat Pyramid Upper Passage - Christian reinterpretation of the Great Pyramid which states God helped design the Great Pyramid to aid prophesy. The Horizon of KhufuThe Horizon of Khufu - Giza pyramids layout geometry : a symmetrical plan centred on Khafre.
Khufu's Last WillKhufu's Last Will - Proposes a design strategy for the Great Pyramid to explain the fact that there exists a point equidistant from three of its internal chambers. The Orion MysteryThe Orion Mystery - Explores the ideas in the book by Robert Bauval, which argues that Giza pyramids were a faithful mimicry of the stars forming the 'belt' in the constellation of Orion.
Pharaoh's Pump FoundationPharaoh's Pump Foundation - Suggests that the Great Pyramid at Giza was built around a colossal water pump. The Pyramid MatrixThe Pyramid Matrix - Cark Munck suggests that there is a global pyramid matrix centered in Giza, Egypt, and that latitude and longitudinal locations of monuments are part of a code, as shown by GPS readings.
Pyramids, Pyramyths & PyramidiotsPyramids, Pyramyths & Pyramidiots - A discussion of pyramids, in history and in myth, with a focus on debunking claims of pyramid power. - Giza Throne - Giza Throne Theory - - Presents two studies by Bill McNulty and an open letter to Dr. Mark Lehner. [PDF files]
The Secret Power Of The PyramidsThe Secret Power Of The Pyramids - Describes the 'secret power' inside the pyramid. Make your own pyramid to test it. Was the Great Pyramid Built in the Center of all Land-Areas?Was the Great Pyramid Built in the Center of all Land-Areas? - Holger Isenberg presents a simple trigonometric algorithm on this 19th-century idea.
Williams's Hydraulic Theory to Cheops's PyramidWilliams's Hydraulic Theory to Cheops's Pyramid - Describes Williams's Hydraulic Theory to the construction of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, otherwise known as Cheops's Pyramid and Khufu's Pyramid. Riddle of the Ages now solved. World Mysteries: The Great PyramidWorld Mysteries: The Great Pyramid - Article proposing a construction date thousands of years before the accepted 3rd dynasty.


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