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Addresses of CoptologistsAddresses of Coptologists - Contact information, including email addresses, of Coptologists, from the International Association for Coptic Studies. Adkins, Lesley and RoyAdkins, Lesley and Roy - Archaeologists and authors of The Keys of Egypt and other books on archaeology, history and hieroglyphs.
Bankes, William John (1786-1855)Bankes, William John (1786-1855) - A biography of the explorer who traveled to Egypt and Nubia in the early 19th century and became an early Egyptian epigrapher. Bell, LannyBell, Lanny - Professor of Egyptology at Brown University. Photograph, interests and publications.
Brovarski, EdwardBrovarski, Edward - Professor of Egyptology at Brown University. Interests and publications. Depuydt, LeoDepuydt, Leo - Associate Professor at Brown University, interested in Egyptian history and grammar. Photograph and publications.
Directory of Institutions and Scholars Involved in Demotic StudiesDirectory of Institutions and Scholars Involved in Demotic Studies - Extensive list with contact information from the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. Directory of North American EgyptologistsDirectory of North American Egyptologists - Find individuals, institutions, and dissertations relating to American Egyptology. Sponsored by Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago and the University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition.
Dodson, AidenDodson, Aiden - Profile of this University of Bristol Visiting Fellow. Research interests include Egyptian funerary archaeology, dynastic history, and the history of Egyptology.  Email Addresses of Australian EgyptologistsEmail Addresses of Australian Egyptologists - Listed alphabetically.
Fildes, AlanFildes, Alan - Articles, photo gallery, and links from this specialist in the Old Kingdom with a particular interest in pyramid sites and their related mastaba fields. Gardiner, Alan (1879-1963)Gardiner, Alan (1879-1963) - Biography of one of the premier Egyptologists of the early twentieth century.
Lesko, Leonard H.Lesko, Leonard H. - Charles Edwin Wilbour Professor of Egyptology and Chairman of the Department of Egyptology at Brown University. Biographical information as well as interests and publications. Naville, Henri Edouard (1844-1926)Naville, Henri Edouard (1844-1926) - Profile of this University of Geneva professor who was the vice-president of the Egypt Exploration Society and a Foreign Associate of the Institute of France.
Piccione, Peter A.Piccione, Peter A. - Assistant Professor of Comparative Ancient History, University of Charleston. Photographs and biographical abstract of this Egyptologist. Redford, DonaldRedford, Donald - Curriculum vitae of the Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Penn State University.
Romer,  JohnRomer, John - Photographs, brief biography and bibliography of the Egyptologist and television documentary maker, with related links. Ryan, Donald P.Ryan, Donald P. - Archaeologist at the Pacific Lutheran University who has directed several seasons of fieldwork in the Valley of the Kings. Photograph, research interests and projects.
Werner, Edward K.Werner, Edward K. - Assistant Director, St. Lucie County Library System. Brief autobiography and publication list of this Egyptologist and librarian. Winlock, Herbert E. (1884-1950)Winlock, Herbert E. (1884-1950) - An illustrated biography of this American Egyptologis from the Giants of Egyptology series in Kmt: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt.

The Sheikh of Archaeology wins Best Book Award for 1999The Sheikh of Archaeology wins Best Book Award for 1999 - From ArabicNews, Hassan Al-Basha won the best book award in the area of dictionaries and encyclopedias for his encyclopedia of architecture, archaeology and Islamic arts. (November 5, 2001)


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