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Egypt, Financial Services Banks


Arab Investment  BankArab Investment Bank - A Federal Joint Stock Company of Egyptian nationality established in 1974 Bank of AlexandriaBank of Alexandria - Established in 1957 with a domestic network of 184 branches covering all parts of Egypt.
Banks in EgyptBanks in Egypt - Banks, stock exchange and other important financial institutions in Egypt. Banque MisrBanque Misr - The second larges Egyptian bank regarding assets volume.
Cairo Amman BankCairo Amman Bank - Arab Middle Eastern bank offering commercial, corporate, international and retail banking with branches in Jordan and Palestine. Commercial International Bank C.I.B.Commercial International Bank C.I.B. - Online banking services
Egyptian American Bank E.A.B.Egyptian American Bank E.A.B. - Was established in 1976 as a joint venture bank between American Express holding Inc and Bank of Alexandria. HSBC EgyptHSBC Egypt - Guide to the range of financial services offered by the bank in Egypt.
National Bank Of EgyptNational Bank Of Egypt - The largest Bank in Egypt reagarding assets volume. Suez Canal BankSuez Canal Bank - Performs all banking operations in local and foreign currencies.


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