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Egypt, Entertainment and Media


Al FannyAl Fanny - leader supplier of musical instrument and sound equipment. A2ZA2Z - Film production company for advertising, program and music projects. Information about company, facilities, and services.
Crown Trade EgyptCrown Trade Egypt - Importer and distributer of lighting and audio equipment for the entertainment industry. Some information on products and partners. EgygripEgygrip - video or film production process from concept to compeletion .
Golden ShowGolden Show - Hi-Tech Sound & Light for weddings, concerts, TV, films, fashion shows, theaters, and special events in Egypt and the middle east. Laseronics Design InterstellarLaseronics Design Interstellar - Producing state of the art laser shows and rental of audio, light and video in Egypt and the Middle East.
MediaHouseMediaHouse - Producers of Arabic video, based in Egypt. Film productions for businesses and development in the Arab world, with special attention to minorities. Nando Music CentersNando Music Centers - Sound and music supplier with sales, rentals, and installation.


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