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Egypt, Art History Periods and Movements Nubia


Exploring NubiaExploring Nubia - The Archaeology, history and Culture of Nubia and northern Sudan. History of NubiaHistory of Nubia - Read about the arts and culture of Nubia in the Neolithic, Kerma, and New Kingdom periods.
Learning Sites -- Gebel BarkalLearning Sites -- Gebel Barkal - Re-creation of the temple of Mut, interactive computer model for archaeological research and museum display. University of Chicago - The Nubian Salvage ProjectUniversity of Chicago - The Nubian Salvage Project - - Read and view photos of the expedition aimed to save ancient Nubian monuments. View the exhibition brochures, conducted by the Oriental Institute.
University of Pennsylvania - Museum of Archaeology and AnthropologyUniversity of Pennsylvania - Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology - - Take an online tour at the Ancient Nubia Gallery. The collection includes decorated pottery, funerary material, and statuary.


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