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Aldokkan - Ancient Egyptian  ArtAldokkan - Ancient Egyptian Art - - Read about the Egyptian architecture, papyrus, pottery, literature, and hieroglyphics. The Ancient Egyptian Culture ExhibitThe Ancient Egyptian Culture Exhibit - Architecture, art, hieroglyphs, military, maps, and daily life.
Egypt ImagesEgypt Images - Downloadable images of Egyptian sites and artifacts. Egyptian GalleriesEgyptian Galleries - Paintings and photographs by Richard Deurer. Information on Egyptian art, culture, and language.
Egyptian Treasures in EuropeEgyptian Treasures in Europe - Art resource by the Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research, Faculty of theology, Utrecht university. Egyptological Homepage of Michel MalflietEgyptological Homepage of Michel Malfliet - Featuring photos and images of ancient Egyptian sites and links to other related websites. - Dedicated to examining the art, archaeology, religion and history of Egypt. Field Museum - CleopatraField Museum - Cleopatra - - Online exhibit of the marble head of this Ptolemaic queen, includes an interactive puzzle.
The History of the Egyptian ObelisksThe History of the Egyptian Obelisks - A brief history and description of ancient Egyptian obelisks. Splendors of Ancient EgyptSplendors of Ancient Egypt - Presents artifacts from ancient Egypt including jewelry and cartonnage portraits from the Greco-Roman period. Read accompanying texts.


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