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Al AzharAl Azhar - The history and development of Al Azhar University, from its roots in the mosque of Al Azhar. Sheik Hassan MaamounSheik Hassan Maamoun - A biography of the Mufti of Al Azhar appointed by Gamal Abd Al Naser. Includes a collection of his fatwas, and a family tree.
Amr KhaledAmr Khaled - Official website of a preacher and broadcaster; includes articles, lectures, commentary, and speeches. [Multilingual] Islam in EgyptIslam in Egypt - An overview of Islam in Egyptian society, the rise of Islamism and its impact on politics, and aspects of religious freedom. [Wikipedia]
Mouassa Islamic associationMouassa Islamic association - A charitable association headed by Sheikh Yassin Roushdy, formed to help the needy in Alexandria and to promote Islam; includes a biography, listing of activities, and contact details. [Multilingual] Supreme Council for Islamic AffairsSupreme Council for Islamic Affairs - Institution of the Ministry of Al Awqaf tasked with supporting and developing the practice of Islam; information about their activities and role, with substantial resources on Muslim belief, history, culture and legislation.

BBC News : The Islamic revival in EgyptBBC News : The Islamic revival in Egypt - BBC Arab affairs analyst Magdi Abdelhadi examines Egypt's Islamist revival. (September 26, 2003)


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