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Inta OmriInta Omri - English translation to the beautiful Arabic song Inta Omri, with Arabic lyrics and audio clip. Om Kalthoum Links PageOm Kalthoum Links Page - A collection of Om Kalthoum's songs in MP3 and RealAudio formats.
Om Kalthoum SongsOm Kalthoum Songs - Om Kalthoum sang hundreds of songs with themes of love, patriotism, or nature, as well as Classical Arabic poems; this partial list provides titles, composer, lyricist, dialect -- and for some, the lyrics (in Arabic) and audio clips. Om KolthoumOm Kolthoum - A collection of black and white photographs of the late legendary Egyptian singer Om Kalthoum, from the Om Kalthoum Society of Ain-Shams University.
Om Kolthoum SongsOm Kolthoum Songs - Lists 40 of Om Kolthoum's songs available for download or listening in real audio. Umm Kalthoum--Legendary Voice of the Arab WorldUmm Kalthoum--Legendary Voice of the Arab World - Recounts the life and popularity of Egyptian songstress Umm Kalthoum, one of the most legendary singers of the Arab world; links to her photographs and songs; by Aida Hasan.
Umm Kalthum - Legendary Songstress of the ArabsUmm Kalthum - Legendary Songstress of the Arabs - - This biography of the incomparable Egyptian singer places her life, career, and influence in the context of the times in which she lived; by Habeeb Salloum. Umm KulthumUmm Kulthum - Including complete list of her songs
Umm KulthumUmm Kulthum - From Encyclopaedia of the Orient Umm KulthumUmm Kulthum - Brief biography of Umm Kulthum (Tamayya z-Zahira Dakhliyya, 1904-1975), the most popular and treasured musician of Egypt and the Middle East in the 20th century; by Tore Kjeilen, from Encyclopedia of the Orient.
Umm Kulthum: A Voice Like EgyptUmm Kulthum: A Voice Like Egypt - Editorial and Customer Reviews of the documentary videotape (1997), narrated by Omar Sharif, which views the life and career of this exceptional Egyptian singer against the history and politics of Egypt.


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