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Egypt, Computers and Internet Access Providers


Bravo ServeBravo Serve - Details and pricing of web hosting and development services. Broadband InitiativeBroadband Initiative - A brief explanation of ADSL for high speed Internet. Includes a list of service providers and frequently asked questions about ADSL technology.
Data ExpressData Express - A summary of services, and contact details. EgyNetEgyNet - Provides frame relay, ADSL, and international IP connectivity among other data communications services. Includes information on partners, company mission and history.
EgyNileEgyNile - Dial-up accounts, POP3 and web based email, design and hosting. Egypt Network ISPEgypt Network ISP - Providing services to Cairo, Alexandria, Dakahlya, Gharbya and Port Said.
Internet EgyptInternet Egypt - Offers ISDN, DSL, leased line, web design and development, training and support services. Includes company profile, and information on their cyber-cafe initiative. LINKdotNETLINKdotNET - ISP offering internet access, web content, e-commerce development services, and also wireless applications content and services.
MenaNetMenaNet - Egyptian ISP with dial-up coverage offering services in most of Egypt's cities. Offers dial-up, leased line, XDSL, and WAP services, also web design and hosting. MenaSatMenaSat - Supplier of broadband Internet services, through the use of NileSat, to serve North Africa and the Middle East.
Nile Online (NOL)Nile Online (NOL) - Offers wholesale and retail Internet services on fiber optic backbone. Includes information on services, networks, and projects. (requires flash) PTNETPTNET - Online services and solutions ranging from Internet connectivity, hosting and backup, call center and organizational effectiveness.
Regional Information Technology EnterpriseRegional Information Technology Enterprise - ISP with value added services. Soficom CommunicationsSoficom Communications - Internet services in Egypt and the Middle East
StarNetStarNet - ISP offering free internet access, and a portal with on-line information on a variety of subject areas. TE DataTE Data - Offers a broad range of Internet access. Includes a knowledge base and information on various services offered.
The Way OutThe Way Out - ISP in Cairo. Yalla OnlineYalla Online - Internet service provider, online subscription service.


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